Our good friend Mike Pleiss.

Mike taught is all how to pratice aikido with a smile and with our minds open to new ideas and self evaluation.
He has been part of the Friendship Seminar series that has brought together Aikido dojos in Southeastern
Massachusetts for a number of years.
                        Larry Murray -  Shobu AIkido of Cape Cod
Mike was a good friend and a sincere seeker after wisdom and truth. My heartfelt condolences to those who loved
him very much, and my best wishes for his continuing journey through the infinite.

Bill Gleason - Shobu Aikido of Boston
To me, one measure of a person's significance in life, is his influence on others.  While I had only met Mike
once during a Friendship Seminar, I had the opportunity to practice with his students on more than one
occasion- and they were each and everyone, sincere, thoughtful, skilled, and joyous practitioners of our
wonderful art.  In another instance, Mike acted in a professional and compassionate manner in a difficult
situation in his role as a police detective.  Passion and compassion...
This is how I remember Mike Pleiss Sensei
                        Phil Alatalo  - Massachusetts Ki Society