William Gleason Sensei, 7th Dan of
Shobu Aikido of Boston,
has been studying Aikido since 1969.
He went to Japan  
in 1969 and studied at Hombu Dojo
under many of O’Sensei’s
top students. Yamaguchi Sensei was
one of Gleason Sensei’s
most influential teachers. The ten
years Gleason Sensei
spent in Japan learning Aikido and the
35 years
spent teaching in Boston are a gift to
all of us that are
his devoted students. When he
returned to the United Stated,
he founded Shobu Aikido. Shobu
literally means, the martial
way to wisdom. Gleason Sensei is
affiliated with Aikido Schools
of Ueshiba.

He has written the Spiritual
Foundations of Aikido. This book
delves deeply into the side of Aikido
that only serious research
can find and understand. Sensei has
that deep understanding and
it shows in the content of his classes.

Another wonderful work from Gleason
Sensei is his recent DVD,
Aikido and the Japanese Sword. This
video shows how much of
Aikido’s techniques are directly found
in the Japanese Sword.
He explains that when the hands are
empty and the body moves
as if the sword were there, Aikido

Aikido and Words of Power is Gleason
sensei's latest work.
It is a must read.

He has recently moved his dojo to
Union Square in Somerville.
The Shobu Aikido of Boston members
practice Aikido with
seriousness and harmony. Some that
come to visit may see
us smiling as we practice together.
That spirit of harmony
is a direct result of how Gleason
Sensei teaches. He inspires
us to better ourselves. Not just in the
physical side of Aikido,
but also in our spiritual understanding
of who we are.

Gleason Sensei has many students
that have gone on to open Aikido
dojos that attract people to the
benefits of Aikido. Those dojos
are in Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts,
Connecticut and Ohio. He
also has established the Shobu
Okugyo Center. This center is a
place where students go many times
during a year for 5 days at
a time to be immersed in the entire
experience of Aikido.

William Gleason Sensei could teach
anything he wanted to teach.
His ability to connect with those he
teaches and bring out the
best from those he teaches is a gift not
many teachers of any
subject or discipline have.
      William Gleason Shihan 2014 Schedule

Feb 1                   Aikido Intensive 1/1
Feb 21                   Black belt class
Feb 22                   Basic sword class -- all welcome,
beginners encouraged
Mar 7                   Black belt class
Mar 9                   Basics seminar (with kyu testing)
Mar 14-16         Aikido Eastside, Belleview, WA
Mar 21-23         River of Life: Ft. Washington, PA
Mar 29                   Aikido Intensive 1/2
Apr 4                   Black belt class
Apr 11-13         Shobu Aikido Spring Gasshuku with Linda
Apr 18-20         Aikido of Diabolo Valley
Apr 26                   Aikido Intensive 1/3
May 9-11         Baltimore Aikikai
May 17                   Aikido Intensive 2/1
May 23                   Black belt class
May 24-25         Shobu Aikido of the Berkshires
May 29-Jun 1         Aikido Sangenkai, Hawaii
Jun 6-9         Aikido Kenkyukai, Sydney, Australia
Jun 13-17         Auckland, NZ
Jun 20                   Black belt class
Jun 21                   Aikido Intensive 2/2
Jun 27-30         Aikido Eastside, Seattle
Jul 2-6         Summer camp in DC
Jul 18-20         Shobu Aikido Summer Gasshuku
Jul 25                   Black belt class
Jul 27                   Basics and kyu testing
Aug 15                   Black belt class
Aug 16                   Aikido Intensive 2/3
Sep 12                   Black belt class
Sep 20                   Aikido Intensive 3/1
Oct 2-4         Shobu Aikido of Toledo, OH
Oct 10-12         Shobu Aikido of Boston Fall Gasshuku
Oct 17                   Black belt class
Oct 19                   Basics and kyu testing
Oct 24-26         Shidokan, Las Vegas
Nov 1                   Aikido Intensive 3/2
Nov 14-16         Aikido Eastside, Seattle
Nov 21                   Black belt class
Dec 4-8         Brazilia, Brazil
Dec 13                   Aikido Intensive 3/3
Dec 19                   Black belt class