Shobu Aikido of Cape Cod is a place of learning. Here
you can learn to use self control in times of stress.
Aikido is a martial art passed on to us from the
founder Morihei Ueshiba. To all Aikidoka, he is known
as O'Sensei,......Great Teacher.

His gift to the world is the martial art Aikido. It is a path
of freedom we can all take and share. This path will
lead us to be free of ego. This path will lead us to be
the best people we can be. It is not a martial art of
destruction, rather, from Aikido we learn to harmonize
with adversity and render it useless.

Our Aikido is handed down to us from O'Sensei,
through Yamaguchi Sensei and Saotome Sensei( the
founder of Aikido Schools of Ueshiba), through William
Gleason Sensei the founder of Shobu Aikido of

William Gleason Sensei has been teaching in Boston
since 1980 after spending 10 years in Japan. His dojo,
just outside Boston proper
Shobu Aikido of Boston, has had thousands of
students from all walks of life come through its doors
and bow to Shomen. I, Larry Murray, have practiced
with many of those students and the one recurring
feeling I am left with is, "All of Gleason Sensei's
students come to class ready to help others."

This is the attitude that will be found at Shobu Aikido
of Cape Cod.

I have been practicing Aikido for over 20 years. Len
Rose Sensei, who founded Massachusetts Ki Society,
got me started on the path. He studied under Koichi
Tohei Sensei. He taught Ki Aikido to many on Cape
Cod. His style was generous and demanding. Phil
Alatalo Sensei in Falmouth continues this teaching.

Since the passing of Len Rose Sensei, I have been a
student of William Gleason Sensei, founder of Shobu
Aikido in Boston. Gleason Sensei has expanded my
view and the view of many that study Aikido.
His book, The Spiritual Foundations of Aikido, delves
deeply into all aspects of Aikido, not just the martial
side. His DVD, Aikido and the Japanese Sword is
something every Aikido student should have and view,
Phil Alatalo Sensei
Massachusetts Ki Society
Barnstable Cape Cod